Lucky Patcher: A Complete Guide 2020

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an awesome app and it is a very popular tool which is used by many Android users in recent days. It can help you in many different ways with best performance. By using this app you can edit some Android apps and games perfectly. In addition,

  • Best Performance.
  • Backup Files.
  • Removes Ads.
  • Removes License Certification.
  • Highly Secure.
  • Free Source(APK).
  • Supports Android 4+.

The app requires a root access but also we can make several modifications without rooting your device. For using the full feature of the LP you need to root your device because only rooting your device can make best performance. For rooting the device you need to follow the rooting mobile device tutorial.



  • Highly Secure
  • Free
  • Supports 42 languages
  • Unlimited Downloads

How to Remove license of any APP ?

Open Lucky Patcher>select the app to modify/remove permissions> click open menu of patches> remove license certification> auto mode> click apply.

After few minutes the app license will be removed, then you can use the app without license.

How to Remove ads of any APP ?

Open Lucky Patcher>select the app to remove ads>open menu of patches> remove google ads>click apply

If you never experience any premium feature, you can try Lucky Patcher APP.

Download Lucky Patcher APK 2020

Size8.1 MB
RootYes | No
DownloadsMore than 100 Million
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +
UpdatedDecember 2019
Download APK

Why Lucky Patcher Is Not Listed In Google PlayStore?

Even though the app is so famous and has the most number of users, it is not listed in Google Play Store. Because, there are many reasons behind it. It is an app which can be used for cracking other apps, editing/modifying apps, removing verification, removing ads etc., this will cause a severe loss to the actual developers. This is the reason why Lucky Patcher is not listed in the Google Play Store.

How Lucky Patcher Works ?

Lucky Patcher is an app that use to modify different applications apps, games etc. It shows a main panel from where you can attack different permissions of the apps which are organized by different colours depending on their kind:

Yellow: the presence of patches of other applications detected in its database are marked with yellow colour.

Green: This color indicates that the application can be hacked and also you can find all type of modifications and patches can be applied.

Orange: This colour represents that the device may be work properly after modifying with the app.

Red: It indicates, no application can be patched or modified.

Blue: It indicates,Google ads can be removed.

Purple: It shows that the applications are on the operating system boot list.

To use this App, your mobile must be rooted because the application uses user permissions to modify the apps. This feature indicates the colour codes which performs certain actions.

  • Removing license verification.
  • Remove ads displayed on apps that we have to pay for full version.
  • Modifying any type of permissions associated to these apps.
  • Creating backups by extracting the APK files from the apps.
  • Transferring from one device to another device of the paid applications you have purchased.
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Note: You don’t need to be any expert with Android or IOS to modify the apps, just follow the instructions provided here – How to download and install Lucky Patcher.

How to download and Install Lucky Patcher app?

This is a perfect platform for the fanatics of video games. With the help of this app we can modify most of the android apps according to our requirements and enjoy the game to the fullest.

This app also allows you to block advertisements, remove system apps, change app permissions, modify system apps, bypass license verification, etc.

There are few features which can be performed without rooting the device. But to enjoy the features of this app completely one should root his/her device.

Steps to Download & Install Lucky Patcher

Step 1:

Download Lucky Patcher apk file from trusted source, you can also download it from the link below.

Step 2:

Before installing the APK file don’t forget to turn on ‘download files from unknown sources’, this step includes the changing of mobile settings to allow the installation of apk file. 

For this navigate to Settings> Lock screen and Security> Unknown Sources and tap to allow the installation.

lucky patcher

Step 3:

Now, search for the downloaded apk file and open it.

lucky patcher

Step 4:

After opening the file, click on ‘install’ and the installation process begins. 

lucky patcher

Step 5: 

Click on ‘Yes’

Step 6:

Now, you will see a pop-up on your mobile screen, click on ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Allow from this source.’

lucky patcher

Step 7:

Now you will see the install option to get the official version of LuckyPatcher. Click on ‘Install’ and wait until installation completes.

lucky patcher

Step 8:

In this step, you will get a pop-up from Google play store, don’t worry about the pop-up. Click on ‘Details’ and then tap on ‘Install anyway.’

Soon after, you will find Installed status on screen, open the app and enjoy premium apps and games.


Note: There is no Official Lucky Patcher app for iOS or iPhone announced or released for . If there is any update, we will let you know.


By following the above steps you can easily download the Lucky Patcher apk, as you know this is an amazing app which can modify some premium features of apps and games. I hope you enjoy downloading our apk. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.