How To Block Ads On Android Apps with Lucky Patcher

It is too irritating when we see so many ads on apps and games. Do you know? There is an Android app which can remove ads from any app that is named as Lucky Patcher. Now it is an easy way to remove ads from your favourite gaming features. But there is a condition to remove ads, you must first root your mobile device for removing ads of any app.

Block Ads with Lucky Patcher

Step1: To start using Lucky Patcher, you need to root your mobile device. If you are not aware of how to root your device, there are lots of tutorials on rooting device. Remember, rooting mobile device is not same as in one device. You must search rooting tutorials according to your mobile model.

Step2: Now, Download Lucky Patcher APK and installit on your mobile.

Step3: For example, select “MX Player” for removing the ads.

See the ad which is showing in the image below. We need to remove that ad.

Lucky Patcher

Step4: To remove the ad, Open our Luck Patcher app.

After opening the app you can see all the apps which are installed in your mobile.

Lucky Patcher

Now we need to remove the Google ads with our Lucky Patcher. Select the MX player from the list of your apps to remove the Google ads.


Lucky Patcher

After opening the menu you will see different options from that now click on “Open menu of patchers”.

Step6: Now, it shows a new menu, click on the “Remove Google ads”

Lucky Patcher

Step7: You will be seen two options from that select “Patch to Remove Google Ads” option.

Lucky Patcher

Step8: On the Pop up menu you can see many options which helps in removing ads. So, click on Apply option. It takes some time to patch the selected app.

Lucky Patcher

Step9: After that, it will shows the result as successfully patched.

Step10: Congratulations! The ads are removed from the selected app.

After that, open the patched app and check it.

Step11: Now, the MX Player app is successfully patched and you can’t see any Google ads in it.

Lucky Patcher

Download Lucky Patcher For iOS and iPhone

Download Lucky Patcher has iOS version?

Lucky Patcher is an application which is developed to Hack or modify apps, games, remove app permissions, remove stock and system apps etc. Till now, there is no Lucky Patcher app released for iOS device or iPhone. Many websites and other pages claim that Lucky Patcher is available for iPhone devices but it is not at all true. Any update of Official Lucky Patcher app is released for iOS or iPhone device, we will let you know.

Lucky Patcher is Officially released for only Android devices but not for iOS devices. We still don’t have any update of plan to release Lucky Patcher for iOS devices.

Latest Features of Lucky Patcher:

  • Modify apps and games or to block and remove ads from ads.
  • Hack Games, Unlimited Life, Gems, Unlocks Features etc.
  • Uninstall unwanted games or stock apps with Lucky Patcher.
  • Backup patched apps and games.
  • Lucky Patcher will stop the license verification and app purchase of paid services.
  • Backup regular apps and games in your android of your SD card.