Who we are

Our website address is: https://luckypatchers.mobi.

Our Privacy Policy maintains the user information which is collected and recorded by our Lucky Patcher website.

It also includes managing privacy and cookies settings of the visitors, to access the details we have about you and delete the account.

LuckyPatchers.Mobi is loyal to protect the visitors privacy online. We sincerely believe that the protection of the user privacy will not only protects but also increases the trustworthy on the web.

The reason of our privacy policy is to make an idea about the kind of information we are collecting about user when a user visit on our website. How we use it? How we disclose? And the other choices users have regarding our collection of your information.

LuckyPatcher.Mobi has been working hard to give the user many advantages on Internet Technology and also to provide a responsive and personalized experience, which can help better understanding of online network.

What kind of data we are collecting?

When you visit our website, we collect your email address and if you allow us, we also collect other personal details of you.

Besides that, we are also collecting some insensitive details, like your browsing history, IP address and what activities you are doing on our website with the help of cookies. We collect these details to give a better experience on our service.

What do we do with the collected information?

The collected information is used to increase the user experience and other, we use this details to give a better solutions to your questions and to make sure that there are no error on our website. We use your email to send any new content which we post on our website, like new product launch and other updates of our applications to make you feel free to visit again and again.

Do we share your data to others?

No. We maintain your data professionally and never share or sell it to others because your data protection is our most prominent duty.

But there are few circumstances where we may share your details:

  • If you perform any illegal actions through our site.
  • If we find out your behaviour doubtful or harmful.
  • If any laws or statutes asks us to do.

For more information, you can reach us at –  https://luckypatchers.mobi/contact/